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Chris Hopwood recorded the first ever ACE on a Par 4 on our course ! !  !


On Saturday afternoon, 19th November he teed off sweet on the 243m, par 4, 8th hole.

He called fore to the group on the green who were putting. They stood back and watched as the ball tracked across the green and disappeared into the hole they were aiming at. They all jumped in the air and were as excited as Chris’ group who were jumping up and down on the tee area. Chris’s mate Mark and Grayden also witnessed the shot and have had to listen to the story several times even though they were there to witness it.


Well Done Chris.


The worst thing about getting a hole in one is that you think you can do it again. But to ace a par 4 you now think you are Tiger, but Chris hasn’t even hit the green since !

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