18 Hole course located in the picturesque rural surroundings of the Tallebudgera Valley, near the local landmark, the historic “,Man On The Bike,“.

Family built in 1989, opened and run since 1990. 30 years of Golf 2020.

Our course, the Par 67 layout borders the beautiful Tallebudgera Creek and covers a distance of 4442 meters for Men and 4346 for the Ladies.


We always have the latest ClubCar Golf Carts available for hire as well as pull carts and plenty of hire clubs (left and right handed) available to suit all levels of playing, including kids clubs.

Carts are a maximum occupancy of 2 people.


Hours of operation are daylight to dusk seven days a week with competitions being held most days. Opening Hour for each season varies depending on sunrise time.

Currently 6am opening - 5:45pm last group in.


The family owned and operated business is fully licensed for all your beverage needs after or during your game, with snacks and lunch always available from the clubhouse.


We welcome all levels of golf and encourage first timers.

We do not allow non-players or caddies to walk the course, each person must pay green fees/entrance fees to be able to go out on the course and each player must have their own set of clubs regardless of playing or not.


Please assess weather before playing, there is no refunds for change of mind.

Course is open.

No Motorised Carts


Covid Rules

From 17 December 2021, or when 80% of Queenslanders aged 16 and over are fully vaccinated (whichever comes first), restrictions on businesses will be further eased, with many businesses and venues able to return to operating at full capacity.

  • There will be no capacity restrictions on businesses where only fully vaccinated people can attend.

  • There will however be restrictions on unvaccinated people. These restrictions target non-essential leisure activities which are not essential for people to meet their basic needs, but present a considerable risk to contributing to an outbreak in our community when our borders re-open.

  • Both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people will still be able to access essential services and activities. This means unvaccinated people will still be able to go to grocery stores, pharmacies and participate in activities like going to the gym for exercise. Capacity restrictions may still be in place at these types of businesses, which will limit the number of people in attendance.


For example, if a Club has both sporting facilities and restaurant/bar facilities, unvaccinated people can only access the sporting or exercise facilities. This would mean if an unvaccinated person attends a golf club, they can play a round of golf but would not be permitted to enter the clubhouse for a meal.

People will still need to check in using the Check In Qld app, however from 19 November 2021, vaccination certificates can be linked into the app, making it simple and easy to prove vaccination status.

Golf Operations

The information below is based on the information provided currently on the QH website and may be amended by the release of the PHD.


·         Unvaccinated people can play golf, including associated activities i.e. golf course practice facilities, mini golf etc

·         Unvaccinated people can play golf in the same group as fully vaccinated people

·         Unvaccinated people can share a golf cart with a vaccinated golfer

·         Unvaccinated people can use the ‘drinks cart’ service

·         Unvaccinated people can enter and use Proshop services

·         Unvaccinated people can purchase take away food and drink to consume on the golf course and practice facilities. They cannot eat and drink in the Proshop

·         A golf club or facility may also choose to self-impose rules to deny an unvaccinated person admission to play golf, however the club should seek their own legal advice before doing so

Golf Australia continues to encourage both golf participants and workers to get vaccinated as soon as they are able as the above information may change at any time.

There are different requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated patrons:


·         Vaccinated patrons can use all hospitality services of a golf club/facility

·         Unvaccinated patrons may enter the clubhouse to collect take away food and beverage for consumption whilst playing golf

·         Unvaccinated patrons may enter the clubhouse to use the toilets and or locker rooms




Course Records

25.05.93 - Rhett Brown 69

03.07.94 - Kaye Nicholls 68

30.03.03 - Peter Smith 66

07.04.04 - Frodie Helganger 64

29.05.04 - Chris Letondeur 63

03.11.04 - Frodie Helganger 63

07.07.07 - Josh Nix 63

23.08.08 - Glenn Papworth 63

06.11.13 - Glenn Papworth 62

13.01.19 - Garry Whitford 61

24.02.19 - Matt Begg 59

Koala Sightings           vs                Hole in Ones

All Koala Photos are taken by Members and Guests here at Tallebudgera.

Please send in any Koala spotting photos to coplicks@bigpond.net.au

R. Wakeham 16th - 29/11/2014
W. Barton 16th - 22/11/2014
G. Coplick 3rd - 08/10/2014
T. Morris 3rd - 04/10/2014
P. Verall 15th - 08/03/2014
Bill Brown 3rd - 11/7/2015
Warren Barton 3rd - 8/7/2015
T. Anderson 3rd - 20/06/2018
B. Richards 15th - 22/08/2018
M. Barker 17th - 24/09/2018
G O'Connell 7th - 03/09/2018
Peter Reimer 15th - 17/11/18
Lee Taylor 16th - 10/11/18
Mike Barker 17th - 24/09/18
Geoff O'Connell 7th - 03/09/18
Bruce Richards 15th - 22/08/18
Trevor Anderson 3rd - 20/06/18
Trevor Anderson 16th - 29/3/18
L. Taylor 16th - 10/11/2018
Carl Coplick 3rd - 16/01/2019
G. Lewin 7th - 31/08/2019
W. Coogan 17th - 26/10/2019
G Moffet 3rd - 15/01/2020
R Wells 17th - 17/02/2020